With the help of family, friends, and fitness.

Two women hugging on a hike
Two women hugging on a hike
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You got this. You can do this. You are strong.

I wish I had a dollar for all the times I've been told this throughout the course of the past 2 and 1/2 years. Going on 3 actually.

Yep, you read that right. Almost 3 years. That's how long my divorce is taking. Divorcing a narcissist is not easy. Google it and you will find countless articles discussing what it is like divorcing a narcissist. It’s a form of hell.

Nicole Smith put it best in her article titled The Ultimate Guide To Divorcing a Narcissist.

“This is not a…

Yep, you read that right.

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I was breathing in and out of a brown bag. You know, the kind of thing you see in movies. Literally a brown lunch bag — I have no idea where it came from. I was sweating and panicking.

It was THE day that I had been planning for well over a year. I stood in the bridal suite — attempting to get my wedding dress on. It was divine … I had cried when I tried it on — that “bridal moment” everyone talks about. This wedding was going to be perfect. My favorite and most beautiful resort. A…

The beginning of a love story.

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She started down the dock. A walk she had taken probably a hundred times before. The wooden planks creaked under her footsteps as she noticed the calmness of the bay that day. It was early in the “summer season,” a warm late-spring day. Quiet. Humid. A bit grey. The marsh to the north of the marina was coming alive again after the long harsh winter. The grasses were growing taller and greener. Snowy egrets stood tall by pools hunting for their next meal. She inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with the warm, salty air. A sense of calm came over…

What narcissistic abuse really looks like.

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My abuser had struck again. I stood there. Gripping the sides of the bathroom counter. Feeling the edges sink into my hands. I was burning with anger. Doing everything in my power not to let it out in the form of a primal scream that had been building inside of me for years. My head hung low, tears slipping down my cheeks. I watched them splash into the sink. I looked up and glanced at myself. My hair was stringy, hanging down past my shoulders. It had been falling out for years, getting thinner and thinner. I too was getting…

Ginger Day

Former educator, consultant, and editor turned copywriter. Loves dark chocolate, short stories, and the sun and sea.

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